• Dr Pallavi P K, MBBS
    Doctor, Singer, Model

    As a doctor, I know that fitness and good health go hand in hand. The best part of DHC is its versatility through various activities. Dimensions has been more than just a gym to me, it’s my second home!

  • Ashika Bala

    At The Age When All Of My Friends Were Getting Addicted To "Other Things" , I Got Addicted To dimensions. Finally A Positive Addiction. Sic!

  • Shrisha SI
    Model, Actor (Miss Tamilnadu'18)

    Just 4 months of Dimensions and it feels like HOME already. It isn't about FITNESS alone, they help keeping the space and our mind positive and healthy!

  • Raj Bharath

    Dimensions gym provides a very friendly ambience with encouraging trainers to maintain our fitness goals. They look for one’s interests and customizes the workout schedules accordingly. I’ve been training here for years now and find it to be The Place!

  • Maalavika Sundar
    Performer (Singer)

    It has been couple of months.I have joined dimensions and I must say my body has gotten into better shape.The trainers are extremely helpful and I am very happy and excited to have joined dimensions.Looking forward to getting more fitter.Thank you dimensions.

  • Meyyamai Narayanan
    Studying Finance in France

    Dimensions is a great place to get fit. The gym is well-equipped and the ambience is lively. The trainers are helpful and carefully assign suitable exercises according to each person’a body type. My fitness regime has considerably improved and I can feel a positive difference.

  • Professor Dr M.S.Kannan, MDS
    Head of Department, Sree Balaji Dental College & Hospitals

    Its my 8th year af Dimensions. Dimensions had performed beyond a gym and a fitness fitness centre. It had inculcated a quality and healthy lifestyle in us. The centre had prioritised fitness in multi perspective dimensions. Let it be fat burning or weight loss, or strengthening or muscle building or developing athleticism or body sculpting.... the centre, had been training us via natural and holistic approaches.Its an irony that civilisation confused us on what to eat, what to drink and what to breathe.... innate habits and patterns of humanity is corrugating. Dimensions had put back us in groove with nature by ensuring that we are adhering to a natural phenomenon.

    Dimensions taught me to respectf my body where I live in. Dimensions taught me that fitness is a habit and not any 3 month package

    Kudos and Congratulations to the entire team for infusing a quality life in and everyone of us.

  • Parthipan.K

    I have been using dimensions gym for the past two years and am very happy with the experience. The trainers are very friendly and helpful. There is also an in-house physiotherapist which is very helpful. An in house diabetic clinic with a dietician with a different approach is an added advantage.

  • Sruthi

    My second home !

    Dimensions has always been a healthy hang out place for me. When you are not in the mood for a work out you could always choose one of the group classes offered by them. All inclusive in the membership. How many gyms could claim that ? For the amount of time I spend here, I can rightly call it my second home.

  • Aadhitya Anbu

    The only health club true to its word.

    Never have I felt the presence of a community in any other gym. There are specific groups dedicated to dancing, running, badminton and boot camps. All of this beside your weight training sessions taken care by friendly instructors. Under the able administration from Mr.Ashok and team Dimensions has transformed from being a fitness centre into a full blown Health club.

  • Bhavna Balakrishnan

    I have been a part of the dimensions family since the age of 15. This was the first I stepped into. Working out in this gym is one of the my oldest and best habits. They have been a part of my weightloss journey(68kg-58kg) during my wedding and have helped me train for my role as a presenter in star sports. Special mention to the owner Mr.Ashok Damodaran who has worked very hard to turn this outfit into one of Chennai's most reliable & hottest places to stay fit in.

  • Rama Rammohan

    I have been coming regularly for the past two years. I really find it beneficial to come here not only to exercise but also meeting people and talking for sometime. The trainers and the owners are nice people to move with me feel very comfortable. Having an elderly person at home can make life very serious. But coming here really helps.I would advise people to come and make use of the place to keep ourselves cheerful.

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